Basic Photography Tips for Beginners

So, you’ve bought a camera. But there’s this teeny little problem about the whole thing: you don’t know the first thing about cameras or the principles it functions on! Not to worry though, this article is here precisely for that purpose. To guide you through the basics of photography without sounding like a lecture in Physics. First things first, the camera is basically a device that captures the scene in front of you, using the same principle that applies to your eyes. Light enters your eyes, passes through the lens and forms a image on the retina.

Now, just hold that thought and think about the following points:

• Aperture: This is nothing but the function of the camera that regulates the amount of light coming in the camera. Think of it 手機拍照教學 as your iris which adjusts according to the light outside. Don’t you experience a blackout of sorts when you enter a dark room from a brightly lit area? That’s what happens when the aperture of the camera is inappropriately set. So, lower the light, higher the aperture.

• Exposure: This is the amount of light that is allowed to fall on the film/sensor. Not much to explain here, but the correct manipulation of exposure can do aesthetic wonders for your photographs. Exposing your sensor for a long period, results in, more light falling on your sensor, making your picture brighter.

• Shutter-Speed: Simple. The camera is your eye. The shutter is your eyelid. It’s that easy. How to adjust shutter speeds to get awesome effects? Keep it fast if you want stop-motion photos. For example, sweat jerking off a footballer’s forehead as he kicks the ball. Or, keep it slow if you want a blurry effect.

• Lens: Every camera has a lens. Digital, SLR, mobile phone, you name it. They are the basic components of the camera and can be very helpful in defining your particular style of photograph. If you’re a sports photographer, use a telephoto; for landscape, use wide angle and so on.

• Depth of field – could be used to describe sharp focused area in a photograph. We can shoot either way area focused is sharp focused and foreground and or background are blurred While we also choose to take a photo where every element is sharp and crystal cleanThese were just the basics of photography. Though reading it doesn’t make you an expert, it sure will help you in understanding what those buttons on your DSLR are used for!

Mobile photography is a new jargon about anything related to taking picture with a mobile phone camera. It is a new genre of photography, but it doesn’t mean that it is negligible. In fact, majority of photography activities existed on the internet nowadays are made with a mobile phone camera. Millions of pictures were uploaded everyday to the internet, many of them were uploaded directly from a mobile phone.

If you have a mobile phone with a built-in camera (most mobile phones today do have one), then you might have been involved in mobile photography activity. Why, because it’s so easy. Just aim your object, press the shutter button, and then in the next few clicks the picture can be uploaded to a sharing service or a social networking site. Congratulation! You can now proclaim yourself as a mobile photographer.

Yes, every body can make pictures using their mobile phone camera, and every body can upload their pictures because their mobile phone is wirelessly always connected to the net. But that simplicity brings us a new problem. With millions of pictures uploaded and shared everyday on the net, competition is getting bullish out there. With so many beautiful pictures scattered everywhere, you should have something really unique to have your shots stand in the crowd.